Thank you for your interest in TRD Racing Inc.’s newly-formed Super6 Late Model division. We are excited to showcase our product at the Dog Hollow Speedway in 2017. Although our racecars may be considered a “small car” division, these three-quarter scale Super6 Late Models have the technology, the horsepower, and the aggressiveness necessary to thrill any dirt track racer, as well as all the dedicated race fans who enthusiastically fill the grandstands each week.

Our notion for the new division is an “out-of-the-box” and economical race car division that transfers pressure away from the pocket book. Using expenses to go faster will be eliminated. Instead, racers are motivated to use their driving skills and setup techniques to progress, allowing the division to stay competitive. During the five year development of our racecars, we at TRD Racing Inc. focused on four main objectives: affordability, safety, durability, and low maintenance. These goals emphasize our vision of advancing a competitive, yet economical contribution to motorsports.

The biggest challenge in meeting our objectives was keeping the overall cost of the racecars as affordable as possible without sacrificing speed or competition. Since most racers find it necessary to enjoy their passion of racing on some type of a limited budget, we wanted to help enable people who may not have funds available to purchase a full size super late model. As many know, the single, most expensive component of any racecar is the engine. We worked extensively with Bullock Race Engines to develop a cost-effective, reliable V-6 4.3 liter Chevy racing engine to power our cars. All Super6 Late Models will run these engines as supplied by TRD Racing Inc. which are sealed and cannot be altered. Sealed engines not only keep the cost of the engine in check, they also help to level the playing field and eliminate cheating. All the engines are dyno’d to keep them within a 2% difference in horsepower and torque.

Other cost-containment features built into our racecars include a hologrammed spec chassis, sealed shocks, one spec tire compound, and the use of pump gas. Although our cars have all the adjustments of a full-scale late model, we would like to stress that the chassis of our Super6 Late Models cannot be altered. TRD Racing, Inc. will be on-site at each event to enforce the rule package and perform regular tech inspections. At an affordable price of less than $30,000 for a brand new turn-key racecar, our Super6 Late Model division is suitable for any motorsports enthusiast.

Safety and durability were paramount in the re-design of the chassis in 2013. Audie Swartz of Swartz Race Cars grew up building super late model chassis, so we were thrilled when he agreed to help re-design our three-quarter version. His extensive knowledge of aerodynamics and performance were vitally important as well as his commitment to factoring in as many safety features as possible. From the specially-designed roll cage on the driver side to the billet hubs, our focus was directed towards strength, durability, and weight consciousness. Every square inch of the surface area was designed to create downforce, thereby providing better drivability through the corners as well as the straight-a-ways.

Our desire to limit the cost and time involved in maintaining the racecar was equally important. After all…what is the point of offering an affordable racecar if it becomes too expensive and time-consuming to maintain from week to week? We answered this question with several solutions. Most significantly is the implementation of using only one tire compound. Gone are the days of purchasing and hauling 20 different tires. Additionally, no siping or grooving of the tires will be permitted. We chose one compound tough enough to last, but soft enough to create good traction. We anticipate the ability to run four to five features with the same right rear tire! The concepts of using pump gas, a spec chassis, a spec engine, spec shocks, as well as one spec tire all contribute to reducing the cost and time of ownership. This allows more time spent with family and less time maintaining a racecar from week to week. And finally, keep in mind, a smaller car requires a smaller trailer.