Do I Need Prior Racing Experience?
Age Requirement?
Driver’s License?
Driver Size Requirements?
Health Considerations?


What Type of Transmission?
Will There Be Other Cars on the Race Track During My Experience?
How Fast Can I Go?
Are the Super6 Late Models Governed or Limited?
What if I Damage the Racecar?

Prepare for Race Day

Should I Make a Reservation?
What Do I Need to Bring?
What Time Should I Arrive / How Long is the Experience?
What Type of Food Is Served at the “Let’s Talk Racin” Luncheon?
Can My Friends and Family Attend?
What if I Don’t Wish to Attend the “Let’s Talk Racin” Luncheon?

Reservation Modifications / Rain Outs

What If I Need to Cancel?
Can I Change My Reservation?
What Happens If It Rains?
Who Can I Call If I Still Have Questions?

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