The ULMS Racing Series continues to grow towards the 2019 season.  The Super6 Late Models and the ULMS Racing Series have agreed to join alliances heading into the 2019 season.   The Super6 Late Models will join the Zimmer Service Center ULMS Late Models, Plyer Entry UEMS Emods and the newly formed United 4 Cylinder Series. 

“We are very excited about adding the Super v6 Late Models under the ULMS Racing Series family umbrella,” stated ULMS Racing Series owner, Chris Zuver.   “We are building a diverse group of divisions for racers to be able to choose and compete in, whether it’s the super late models, the open modified division or the new 4 cylinder division and now the addition of the v6 late models, the fans have a variety of classes to watch.   Also, this allows us to present our four classes to a track and it could become a ULMS Series night featuring all four divisions on one program and the tracks know up front what it is going to cost and what racers will be attending the event giving them maximum marketing power to pursue advertising sponsors for our events”, stated Zuver.  Super6 Late Model Series founder and owner, Mike Spinneweber stated, “With the marketing possibilities that are being presented to us at this time and the excitement from our teaming up with Chris and the ULMS Racing Series family, we hope to be able to attach the v6 late models as an undercard to the ULMS super late model division during the 2019 schedule.” 

The Super6 Late Model division was formed in 2017.  Their product was showcased at Dog Hollow Speedway and Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway throughout the inaugural season.  Although the race cars may be considered a “small car” division, these three-quarter scale super late models have the technology, the horsepower, and the aggressiveness necessary to thrill any dirt track racer, as well as all the dedicated race fans who enthusiastically fill the grandstands each week. 

“Our notion for the division is an “out-of-the-box” and economical race car division that transfers pressure away from the pocket book”, said Spinneweber.  “Using expenses to go faster is eliminated. Instead, racers are motivated to use their driving skills and setup techniques to progress, allowing the division to stay competitive. During the five-year development of the Super6 Late Models, our staff focused on four main objectives: affordability, safety, durability, and low maintenance.  These goals emphasize our vision of advancing a competitive, yet economical contribution to motorsports.” 

Spinneweber added, “This division is ideal for those who want to race in the late model ranks, but maybe do not have the budget necessary to be competitive in a super late model. I’m excited to show the world what these race cars can really do.  Despite the size, roughly three-quarters that of a standard super late model chassis, Super6 Late Models have an immense amount of power, reaching the brink of 350 horsepower by means of a 4.3L Chevy V-6.  When in comparison with a super late model chassis, the components and adjustment points are nearly identical.  The only obvious difference is the size.  I think that is what makes our cars so special… they are nearly identical to that of a super late model.  And despite the size difference and the engine size, these things are powerful,” Spinneweber said.  “They are actually a very aggressive machine, but at the same time, very reliable. That is what will allow these cars to grow and become increasingly popular among active racers; their ability to thrill but stay reliable. That is what racers on a budget need.”

For more information in regards to the Super6 Late Models, please visit them at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. 

The Super6 Late Models are supported by Swartz Race Cars, Bullock Race Engines, Hyperco Coil Springs, Advanced Racing Suspensions, Fast Shafts, Real Racing Wheels, American Racer, 4B Motorsports, CarMate Trailers, Schaeffer’s Racing Oil, and Dog Hollow Speedway, Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, Deerfield Speedway, McKean County Family Raceway.

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