The Super6 Late Models will be making their first-ever appearance at Fayetteville Motor Speedway in Fayetteville, NC on Saturday, August 4th! The group is very excited by this invitation by Fayetteville Motor Speedway, also known as Boom City, and look forward to putting on a great show in front of a packed southern crowd!

Super6 Late Models made their debut in 2017 after nearly five years of intense research and development that included numerous test sessions and multiple stages of fabrication. This new division of short track competition is anticipated to surpass all levels of expectation, as well as prove to be the new go-to division for entry-level racers and small car enthusiasts. Since their debut, the series has been showcased at several Pennsylvania and Ohio race tracks including Dog Hollow Speedway, Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, Deerfield Speedway, Mercer Raceway Park, and most recently McKean County Family Raceway. Additionally in 2017, the series traveled all the way to Junction Motor Speedway in Nebraska to compete in a special exhibition race.

Mike Spinneweber, owner and founder of Super6 Late Models, states, “This division is ideal for those who want to race in the late model ranks, but maybe do not have the budget necessary to be competitive in a super late model. I’m excited to show the world what these race cars can really do. Despite the size, roughly three-quarters that of a standard super late model chassis, Super6 Late Models have an immense amount of power, reaching the brink of 350 horsepower by means of a 4.3L Chevy V-6. When in comparison with a super late model chassis, the components and adjustment points are nearly identical. The only obvious difference is the size. I think that is what makes our cars so special. They are nearly identical to that of a super late model. And despite the size difference and the engine size, these things are powerful,” Spinneweber said. “They are actually a very aggressive machine, but at the same time, very reliable. That is what will allow these cars to grow and become increasingly popular among active racers; their ability to thrill but stay reliable. That is what racers on a budget need.”

The future continues to look bright for the Super6 Late Models. In June it was announced they will become part of the ULMS Racing Series family in the 2019 racing season and will tour with the ULMS super late model division. “We’ve worked so hard for a long time to achieve such a great opportunity, and to finally reach this point really gives us a great sense of accomplishment,” stated Spinneweber. “I think this is the beginning of a great relationship with the ULMS Racing Series. With their help, I’m sure we will have the ability to spark further interest in our series, which will ultimately allow our idea to expand. We couldn’t be more excited to get started.”

Those seeking additional information regarding the Super6 Late Models should contact Mike Spinneweber at 724.822.1604. News and updates will be posted regularly at the official online home of Super6 Late Models: Be sure to ‘Like’ Super6 Late Models on Facebook and Instagram.

The Super6 Late Models are supported by Swartz Race Cars, Bullock Race Engines, Hyperco Coil Springs, Advanced Racing Suspensions, Fast Shafts, Real Racing Wheels, American Racer, 4B Motorsports, CarMate Trailers, Schaeffer’s Racing Oil, and Dog Hollow Speedway, Pittsburgh’s Pennsylvania Motor Speedway, McKean County Family Raceway.